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Lost City Magic


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For Local and out of state Shows: Prices vary by location. Each show is different, tailored specifically to your needs.

Please contact us for pricing. As Travel, Lodging and Meals may be required.

Contact Us for Bachelorette parties, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Theater & Private Party rates & more as each show is unique and custom tailored to your needs, prices will vary

Contact us on pricing for custom advertising illusions, or custom souvenir illusions for your business or event promotions since cost and pricing will vary, depending on your needs.

Read Below to see where we've performed!

On Fri. Sept. 10, 2010 And Sat. Sept. 11, We performed at the Lost City Comm. Building. We had a good turnout, and had a lot of fun showing everyone there what we could do! Everyone screamed when we used the power of a spectators' mind to vanish a coin, and make it reappear in a light bulb that exploded!

On Saturday Oct.2nd,at7 P.M.We performed at the Keys Community Building! We had a lot of fun, despite some setbacks, and everyone there had a great time! Our new assistant Amy got a chance to try her hand at some of the tricks. We finally got a chance to perform the amazing 'Cut and Restored' snake trick! It was a little scary, and extremely messy! (didn't expect to have that much blood!) The kids loved it, and cheered hard!

On Saturday Oct. 9th, at 7 P.M.We performed at the Keys Community Building!

If you missed it, then you really missed out! As always, every show is new and different, and this was no exception. We didn't perform the cut and restored snake trick, but new and exciting illusions were added, not seen at other shows!A few examples would be the one where we turned a drawing of a caterpillar into a butterfly, then turned that drawing into a live one that fluttered away over the crowd! Or how about the trick where a handful of dirt was used to create life-in this case, a hive of angry red wasps that magician Jeramy Neugin hypnotized into not stinging the crowd, and allowed them to touch and pet the buzzing insects! If that wasn't enough, we added new mentalism tricks, plucking memories and images from peoples heads, and making doves, cats, and hearts appear in flashes of fire. This was really one exciting show! 

On March 10, 2011we performed two forty-five minute shows at Hulbert School for the 1-6 grade kids as part of their accelerated reader program! We were their reward for reading the most books. The kids were treated to a show featuring such tricks as disappearing and reappearing snakes, mentalism, levitations, sword and needle swallowing, (one student got a sword thrust through her neck) another had a choice of two sacks, the one he picked had a feather fall on his hand, the other sack held a heavy brick. Another student witnessed a picture of hand burned with a match, only to discover the ashes appear on her palm, Even the teachers and principal were able to get in on the act, helping us take the kids on a trip to Greece, perform a mentalism trick with the vampires of twilight, A dangerous version of the cups and balls but with nails instead of balls, The infamous 'Human Cremation' illusion, the disappearing, reappearing snake and many others! We also made sure every one got got a souvenir, some candy, and a flyer with some tricks so every new magician there got a chance to learn some sleight of hand. We had a blast, the kids were great and we look forward to performing for them again!

On Sat. April 2nd, 2011 at 12:45 A.M.we performed for the Hulbert High School Prom's after party!We gave them a thirty minute spook show not soon forgotten! Predictions resulted in human hearts revealed, fire effects, a bunny placed into a box was smashed flat, only to be revealed safe and sound in a gift bag across the room, one gal was given a spooky Ouija board reading, with a message from beyond revealed written in blood, to another's fingerprints were taken, with a message formed in the ink! Wasps were created from nothing, butterflies flew off drawings, and an homage to Robert Houdin's orange tree illusion was performed, with everyone receiving a souvenir corsage made from the blooms! The group was loud and rowdy, and the hour was late, but we had a blast!

On Sat. June 11th we performed at the arts on the avenue festival in Cherokee square, main street of Tahlequah @ 1 p.m.We were also booked to do a SECOND show, at Norris Park, main street of Tahlequah at 4 p.m. !

If you missed our show at the Arts on the Avenue festival, then you missed out! People's heads were set on fire, goldfish, birds, butterflies, wasps and even snakes were produced from fire, dirt, eggs and more! We debuted our young apprentice in magic (she's only six and making her showbiz debut!) who helped us make a drawing come to life and speak to the audience, and had her head cut off, among other illusions!

On Sat. August 6th, We performed at Fife Church, 1100 Eufaula Street, Muskogeee Oklahoma at 11:00 a.m. We have to say- This was the best show yet, mainly because of the people there! The crowd at Fife Church was the best audience we've ever had, and we really hope to work with them again in the future!

On Oct. 28th, 2011 We performed at Briggs Gym for the Boys and Girls club! It was a custom show, with an emphasis on reading and Halloween, as part of their student rewards incentive plan, We had a blast entertaining them!

On Oct. 30th, 2011 We performed a two hour show at Fife Church 1100 Eufaula Street, Muskogeee Oklahoma at 6 p.m.The first show was for all ages, (we gave candy and treats along with some 'special' souvenirs!) along with lots of comedy, then after a short break we done our big Halloween show for the teens and adults, with magic done as scary and gory as possible! We turned drawings of snakes into live ones, absorbed coins into our bodies, then cut ourselves open to retrieve them, swallowed razor blades, made live scorpions crawl from drops of our blood, told the origins of 'Bloody Mary' and had her appear with a message, portraits of vampires bled when staked, jack the ripper's ghost came and claimed a last victim and more!

On Saturday, Dec. 3rd at five p.m.,we performed at the hulbert senior center for the annual Christmas/winter celebration put on by the Hulbert business association! It was a free show, with drawings, cash giveaways and prizes!

On Saturday, Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m., we performed at the old Armory Building in Tahlequah for the City workers Christmas Party courtesy of The Mayor of Tahlequah!

After the first two tricks they really got into the show! We done some voodoo, the cups and balls, tricks with Santa's list, the voices in your head about dealing with the in-laws, Birds appearing from balloons, mind reading, Pulled dreams from dream catchers and more! It went off great, and we look forward to working with them in the future!

On Monday October 1st 2012, Lost City Magic went on a multi-state and city tour! Performing close-up and street magic from Oklahoma to North Carolina, and every state and major city in between, including a Cameo appearance at the Sweet Fanny Adams theater in Gatlinburg Tenn.!

On October 28 2012, we'll were at Fife church 1100 Eufaula Street, Muskogee Oklahoma at 6:30 p.m., as part of their Halloween celebration! The people there got to see the Haunted Museum Exhibits in action! Mermaids, dragons, death's rattles, shrunken heads, witch's relics, a real working vampire hunter's kit, the raven mocker and more made their appearances at the show, lots of laughs, lots of screams, the crowd loved it, and we loved performing for them!

June 16-21 2013, We performed live street magic in Basin Park in Eureka Springs Arkansas! We did a full week of non-stop 8 hour street magic, no repeat shows along with shows using bigfoot's finger, the dragon fossil, the rainmaker's stone, a chupacabra's paw, shrunken heads, ghosts, cherokee medicine bags, a card game with the devil gone wrong, tarot cards, boxes of snakes, more ways to do the cups and balls than we can count and more! We appreciated every person who helped in our show was given a badge proclaiming them to be an Official Magician of Lost City Magic

On June 28th we spent an evening with Penn & Teller! We got to meet our idols and fellow practitioners of magic and had a full evening of fun & illusion!

On June 1-7 2014 We performed a week of street magic in Boulder Colorado! The Pearl St Mall was treated to daily non stop shows of our world famous uniquely entertaining magic shows! Caterpillars turned into butterflies in peoples hands, public hypnosis demonstrations, thoughts were pulled from spectators heads, the cups and balls, coin tricks and stage style illusions performed for everyone who stopped by!

On Saturday July 26th, We performed street and table magic at the Crystal Music Festival in Mena Arkansas! we enjoyed the live bands and meeting all the new fans! People attending got to see Jeramy in his role as the Pain Proof Man, after being hypnotized by a member of the audience, he had his fingers stuck into live rat traps, deadly steel animal traps, and a fishhook inserted into his arm, to be ripped out by the audience member who hypnotized him, only to reveal no pain or cut skin! Bobby made bottles of pop disappear into thin air, made drawings come to life and talk to audiences, while Jeramy made the rocks on the ground become diamonds! Afterwards Bobby and Jeramy paid a visit to Heavener in search of the Viking Runestones! Check out their FaceBook and Instagram page for Photos!

On August 30 2014 we performed street magic at the Cherokee national holiday! We had a lot of fun wowing people with business cards that turned into butterflies, bending coins with our bare hands and reading minds! We also got to meet tahlequah cage fighter Katrina Catron!

On september 13 2014 we performed at the united keetoowah band holiday! We debuted several new effects, including one that turned dirt into a tiny creature! We got a chance to meet tahlequah mayor Jason Nichols, visiting dignitary, miss Alabama Quassante Denise Barnett and former chief Jim Henson!

On September 20 2014 we performed at the OK Indian Festival in Bartlesville! We did six hours non stop of unbelievable magic! Kisses blown in the air turned into diamonds, demons were caught in dream catchers, Jeremy performed a never before seen version of the classic cups and balls, Bobby did his hilarious comedy, Jeramy pulled flowers out of pictures and more! If you missed this show, you missed a great one! Festival organizer Lori Pannell got her photo taken with our ghosts and we got to meet the women of the southwest and native rapper supaman

Remember to check back often for updates, and don't forget to book us for your next party or event, you won't regret it!

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Everyone Loves A Magician!

We meet fans everywhere! From our festivals, to street magic, from ssorted businesses government! Here we are with Channel 6 reporter Tess Maune, Cherokee Chief Candidate 2015 and Filmmaker/Directer Charlie Soap, Cherokee Chief Chad Smith, Annett Long-Stinnett, a fan of ghosts and magic, Cherokee Chief Bill John Baker, Princess Elsa, Tahlequah Cashier Paige and Cassidy, who we met at Hooters in Tulsa, after taking a break while performing